San Juan Untracked is proud of our qualified and highly trained guides and drivers. We are very fortunate to have compiled such a great group of people that consistently keeps clients happy and safe.

A short introduction to them all…

Josh Coffin (Lead Guide): Josh has been backcountry guiding for over 8 years, and was in Snow Basin, Utah, and Sugarbowl, California as a ski patrol before guiding. He has the highest level of avalanche safety training currently available and is also on our snow control team, managing avalanche danger in our extensive backcountry playground. His experience and superior guest service makes him the best lead guide SJU could ask for.

Marc Snider (Guide): Marc has been guiding in the backcountry for many years and has become a vital component to SJU’s guiding team. His knowledge of backcountry safety is top-notch and his passion for snow is unsurpassed.

Grady James (Guide): Grady is an all-season backcountry enthusiast. His love for the mountains is evident in his 5 years of snowcat guiding experience and thousands of mountain-biking hours in the San Juan Mountains. With a strong educational background in backcountry safety and snow control, as well as a desire to make life as fun as possible, Grady is has the knowledge to keep guests safe and show them a great time.

Jason Lum (Snowboard Guide): Our new team member, Jason has guided for 5 years all over the San Juan Mountains. As our only snowboarding guide on staff, his knowledge of finding the perfect line for snowboarders is tested, tried, and true.

Will Siegrest (Guide): With 3 years of guiding experience, Will is being educated and prepped to be a huge asset to SJU. Will is a funny man, often bringing the entire cat to their knees in laughter. He is also extremely focused, and does not disappoint in keeping guest humor and safety his highest priority.

Andy Ward (Lead Driver): Wacky, witty, and full of adventure, Andy is the best snowcat driver SJU or any snowcat company could ask for. He knows his way through the tough terrain like the back of his hand, and could navigate a bull through a China shop. Although he might be a firecracker, Andy’s devotion to keeping the cat’s tracks on the ground makes him the safest driver around.

Dennis Martin (Owner): Dennis has recently taken over ownership of San Juan Untracked, and is in the process of lifting the company to new heights. His background of riding professional BMX and skiing on the US Freestyle team has gained him extraordinary insight into the world of action sports. His sights are high for the future of SJU.