Our choice of terrain each day is based on avalanche hazard, snow conditions and group abilities.

Before booking a trip with us there are a few things to consider.

  1. You should be in good physical condition. You will be skiing and boarding deep powder at high elevations (most of our runs are at or above 10,000 feet).
  2. We do not groom any runs. We cannot predict weather or snow conditions, so come prepared to ski or ride anything. While we do our best to find powder every run, we might have to ski or ride areas of variable snow to the powder stashes below. Our runs occasionally funnel into narrow drainages with drops and obstacles.
  3. Some of our best powder skiing and riding is in the trees!
  4. We ski and ride powder! Lots of it. (Except in spring, when we ski and ride corn, and even then we will surprise you with a powder stash or two, or three, or more).
  5. If you are expecting to ski or ride nearly vertical chutes and send 50-foot airs every run, you will be disappointed. Occasionally, and mainly in spring, we are able to ski and ride this kind of terrain when conditions and group abilities allow. So, if you are this type of skier or rider with this ability we suggest you book a private snowcat for your group, and we’ll do our best to make your dreams come true.

Remember, skiers and snowboarders often beat the snowcat down by a few minutes. Usually, slower skiers and riders do not slow down the pace or amount of runs for a group. What does slow down a group is gearing up, buried or lost skis due to falls, faulty equipment, or not following the guides’ directions.

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